Top 5 Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

Here are some practical, easy, everyday ways to keep your appetite under control:

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation causes an imbalance in certain hormones, including ghrelin (which increases appetite) and leptin (which decreases appetite). When we don’t get enough sleep, our levels of ghrelin go up (weight gain) and levels of leptin go down (so we are hungrier). That said, adults should aim for at least seven hours of shuteye each night.

Eat Protein and Fiber at Meals

Compared to carbohydrate and fat, protein takes more time to digest and therefore keeps you full longer. Fiber helps by absorbing water, and then expanding in your stomach – literally creating bulk to make you feel fuller and have less room for more.

Less Variety, More Satisfaction

Keep less variety of snacks foods in the house and you’ll be much better off. Research has shown the greater your options, the greater your appetite.

Don’t Be Left in the Dark

When you go out to dinner, sit in a well-lit part of the restaurant. That’s because when you’re eating in a well-lit area, you’re more likely to consume fewer calories. You are more self conscious and feel others can see what you’re eating, so you’re likely to curb your appetite accordingly. In a dim corner of the room… well, anything goes.

Play Mind Games

Serve up your food on small plates and smaller food portions will look more volumous. Be sure to keep your snacks out of sight at home and at work (out of sight, out of mind). Also, wear great smelling perfume or cologne and light scented candles when you have the opportunity. Interesting smells can often take your mind off of food.

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